Technical translations - more than just the nuts and bolts

Technical translations need to tick many boxes:

Meaning accurately conveyed

Technical data preserved

Easily read by non-technical audience

I provide translation services from German and Russian into my mother tongue, British English.
I specialise in technical translations in the following subject areas:

Sustainability and renewables

Energy production

Supply chain management and logistics

Manufacturing and automation technology

Construction and agricultural machinery

Production and operations management

My commercial and linguistic training means I am able to make dry and complicated documentation read well in English for a target audience who aren’t fluent in tech-talk.

Typically, I work on the following document types:

  • Product manuals
  • Websites
  • Product specifications
  • Health and safety guidelines
  • Tender documents
  • Contracts
In addition to translation, I also offer the following services to clients:


I produce abstracts on publications; compressing the key elements into a succinct, accurate summary of the original concept.


I compare the original text with the translated version to ensure the translation is an accurate reflection of the source. Once this is done, I also perform the necessary checks to catch any spelling or grammatical errors.


I make sure that a document is ready for public consumption, by correcting errors, inconsistencies and issues with flow. The result is a text that it is grammatically, linguistically and orthographically correct.

Who I work with

I work with translation companies, in-house translation departments, and research and development institutes specialising in technical translations in the environmental, engineering or energy sectors.

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